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Over the years it has become increasingly easier to create the best web design while keeping your website friendly for the search engines (and social media), by using a free platform: WordPress. WordPress has taken the web world by storm, as it's estimated that close to 25% of all websites run on WordPress! (This is an astounding fact which can be validated).

WordPress use is also on the rise and growing quickly. You may be wondering why there is such a great desire to use this free platform. The primary reason is that WordPress runs as a CMS (Content Management System), which makes it very easy to add / edit and update pages for everyone.

However, there are so many customizations, and integrations that can be made (with Plugins), that still leaves custom coding (PHP coding, and jQuery coding) to achieve the perfect mix of the design and functionality that you are looking for to achieve your best results.

What does this mean for average Business Owner?

In summary it means that you can do just about anything you want with WordPress. (I've been asked to do many things that were outside of the norm and required considerable coding.) But, you must be willing to increase your budget to cover this extra work.

As an example, a typical custom theme can be developed for you, and installed on the WordPress platform with all the typical plugins (installed, setup and configured for you) for around $200-$300. But, if you require additional customizations and graphics work such as large image sliders (which I do not recommend), or photo/blog post galleries (that I do recommend), or custom eCommerce application work & testing such as the installation of a order system and the proper Merchant Accounts (and payment processors) your costs could rise into the $1,200-$2,400 range.

I can create a completely customized WordPress theme for $200-$300.

But, addding additional customizations and coding increases that cost toward a higher budget.

Here's that example laid out for you:


Basic Custom WordPress Theme setup, installed and integrated with all the plugins required (for backup and security, etc).


Custom Graphics work for updated header, slider images and Opt-In / Landing pages.

Setup, installation and integration of a shopping cart and/or payment system.


Setup, installation of an Affiliate Tracking system, or addition of customization of additional payment integration (Merchant account, etc).
(basic custom wordpress theme)
(if all optional work is done)
Total for complete WordPress setup, integration with custom grahpics work, shopping cart, and affiliate tracking system.

(As you can see, adding on more complete customization work can vary the pricing considerably - from $200 to $1200, it all depends on your requirements.)

I've done many types of customizations like this, and the client is extremely happy when we are done, because they have exactly what they want.

Below are a few examples of this type of work I've done with WordPress Blog Theme customization over the last several years:

Click on any of the screen images or the links below to go directly to the sites (they open in a new window).

Celebrate Kids wordpress theme customization website image is a website focused on promoting Faith-Based Parenting and the work of Kathy Koch.

WordPress Theme integration and customization. Custom Form processing for Contact Us button. Product sliders and custom theme code by BGS Web Design.

 Custom WordPress Theme design and WordPress Membership website screen image is a leadership blog and membership website platform for Leadership Training by Tom Crea.

Custom WordPress Theme design, and Membership integration using Optimize Press. Coding, design and payment processor (PayPal / Stripe) integration by BGS Web Design.
Torrdarach House B & B wordpress theme customization screenshot is a bed and breakfast lodge in Scotland.  Custom WordPress theme (derived from XSitePro template).

Custom Appointment setting / calendar in the header. All theme customizations and WordPress theme developed by BGS Web Design.

 WordPress Blog Theme and plugin customization Worldwide is a luxury real estate and property rental website that I created a very unique look and functionality.

Customization of the Great Real Estate plugin, as well as integration with Category Order, Limit Posts, MapPress, NextGEN Gallery, pageMash, WP Glideshow, WP Hide Post. All plugin customizations and coding by BGS Web Design.

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