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Whether you are a brick & mortar looking for a way to 'stick' in the minds of your customers or a 100% eCommerce business selling digital goods, marketing is the single most important part of your business. It is that important.

Each phase of your website must be completed while keeping your marketing plan in mind. It is essential to everything that you do online, especially if you want to profit from the growing online base of buyers.

One of the first things we do is to look at the key components of your marketing plan. Who do you want to reach (your marketing segment), and what your intended traffic source is. Will you be buying traffic with PPC ads or with Google Adwords Placement ads, Social Media ads on Facebook, or will you try to drive traffic through an in-house email list, or organic searches on Google?

Once we know the answers to these questions we will keep that in mind as we plan and develop your website. That way your marketing plans and ideas are part of your web site and that is the way it should be.


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